Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost: Some Thoughts

After watching the latest episode it definatly appears as if they are setting up the 6 to all be together to get off the island.

Sun and Arron are already on the boat. Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley are all head to or already at the Orchid. If they can get on the helicopter together all 6 will meet up on Widmore's boat.

As for the explosives on the boat? I can't imagine that Jinn is killed, but maybe I just don't want to except it. When Sun was telling the press about Jinn we all know she was lying, but to what extent? We have to consider that everyone OTHER than the 6 has a gravestone or memorial somewhere off the island, even if they're not really dead. Jack and the other 6s told the world that everyone else is dead so grieving families certainly would want to memorialize their loved ones somehow... right? I think Jinn is alive.

As far as new charcters go, Faraday is my favorite. He's such a character and I want him to be a "good guy" so bad (whatever good is in this show).

Ben has surpassed Locke on my list of favorites. Between season 3 and 4 he has become so incredibly interesting and enthralling, and Michael Emerson is just so fantastic an actor. What the hell is Ben's deal, anyway?! Good, bad? Just plain evil?! What the heck!?

I could talk for hours about this dman television program.

Clone Wars Movie and TV Series: Some Thoughts

I am almost more excited for this than I am for the new Indy movie, Star Wars is never more fresh than when Lucas takes a step back and lets someone else have the reins.

That being said, DelRay didn't do the most amazing job with the novels. Jedi Trial and the Cestus Deception were so awful, I can't believe I even finished them (though I am more than glad to add them to my bookshelf collection of Star Wars novels).

If you want GREAT Ani and Ob1 stories you need to check out the Clone Wars era books that Dark Horse put out, especially the section where everyone thinks Obi is dead save Anikan. The relationship between master and apprentice is really drawn out and you can see the connection between the two grow strong because they've been apart.

All told I think the animation looks awesome. There's that bit with the walkers climbing the cliff face, I can't wait to see that played out on the big screen. The cartoons were pretty cool. This has potential to be even better.

Follow up to Battlestar

Love this show, it is amazing. Last Fridays episode was SOLID and I can't wait the two weeks before the next airing. Damn you, Memorial Day Weekend! (No disrespect to those being Memorialized).

I'm getting increasingly anxious to discover who the final cylon is. Starbuck just seems like such an obvious choice at this point that it hardly makes any sense. However, we can't simply ignore the fact that the Hybrid seen in Razor had knowledge of a Kara Thrace when there was no reasonable explanation for why it would know that name. (though maybe one of the 4 of the final 5 on Galactica was somehow communicating with the Hybrid? So confused!)

The real big question I have is why don't the original 8 cylon models know who the final 5 are? Calling them the final 5 gives me the impression that they were created after the models 1-8, but wouldn't the 1-8s have seen them? The only explanation I can come up with was that the 5 were in fact the original cylon models. And much like the Hybrid seen in the Razor mini-series, were forced into exile because of some innate flaws. Maybe they were too human? Did they volunteer to be integrated into humanity and forget their heritage? Can they resurrect?! In any event, if they were forced to leave the cylons before the models 1-8 were created then the 1-8 would never have had the opportunity to see them (save the 3 who was graced with her vision on the algae world).

Season 4 is really shaping up to what I expect from a series finale, especially one which is blessed with choosing its own end date. Imagine if this show was canceled in its second season, much luck that awful 70s incarnation? No conclusion, no end, questions?!

God I hope there are no questions.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some thoughts on SciFi's Battlestar Galactica.

I love SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica. It is the greatest how on TV and perhaps the greatest science fiction television series of all time. It's better than Quantum Leap. It's better than Sea Quest. It surpasses both Star Trek TNG and Voyager. It's leaps and bounds ahead of Babylon 5 and leaves Stargate in the dust. And if I missed any science fiction programming that you think Battlestar contends with, please let me know. (on that note, the current incarnation of Battlestar is incomparable to that old, campy program of the same name, don't even suggest that that '70's garbage even comes close).

If you haven't watched it than you are missing out, severely, on many levels. But what makes Battlestar Galactica so fucking amazing? The dog fights are pretty neat. Watching Basestars and Battlestars make strafing runs at each other with cannons blazing is up there on the level of cool. Robotic minions with machine guns attached to their arms, also awesome. However, what really tips the scales, in my opinion, is the incredible moral dilemma the characters deal with in every episode.

I really wish I could get into it her on my awful amateur blog, but this epic program is in its 4th and final season. The decision to end the series, by the way, was made by the writers and not the ratings. This means the show will end conclusively like any good story should.

Since the beginning of its 3rd season I have diligently been watching this show every week and ensuring that I do not miss an episode. Luckily, I have of late been able to catch episodes of this magnificent program either through the full episode section of or through the even better, most glorious, Yet last Friday's episode is mysteriously missing from both these completely legal and free web pages. Usually they are updated within a day. I am at a loss and have been checking and rechecking both sites diligently hoping for my much needed Battlestar fix.

Looks like I am going to have to wait until tonight when I can sit down at Eric's, hopefully with a beer, and watch his DVR recording on his HD TV.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is where I'll be for pretty much the entire month of July.

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If you know of anything fun or interesting to do in the area please let me know.

Peace buddies.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

XM Studios or Bust...

... bust.

I took a trip to the big NYC recently. It was through BSC at the rate of a $15 two way bus ticket. I was with friends but we had zero idea and even less direction as to what we were planning on doing when we got there.

I alone, outside of the "we" mentioned earlier, had one ambition. To find the XM Satellite Radio studios in order to visit the Ron and Fez show during a live broadcast.

So after what seemed like an endlessly awful bus ride which included a stop at a road side McDonald's, we finally found our stop off at Time Square. Two bus loads of Bridgewater State Zeros poured into busy intersections and spun in about a billion circles trying to decide what in the blazes was the first thing on their list. I made an epically failed attempt at recruiting a champion to accompany me on my search for the Steinway Building on 57th. I then hailed a cab.

I hopped out and walked some blocks before realizing that I had messed up somewhere along the way. I didn't know where I was or where I was supposed to be. All I knew was West 57th, Steinway Building. This did NOTHING for the cabbie, who was thankful to drop me off at any random corner along 57th.

I'm from Boston. I don't know blocks.

At this point my cellphone, furiously low on battery power, became my most crucial asset. I called my bro who tried to give me some better direction. I then called GOOG-411, the free directory service, which kindly texted me a more accurate address. 111 West 57th St.

And there I was, at the base of a building I feared I could not enter because the Ron and Fez show was already underway. The security guard at the desk wouldn't just let me waltz in. This was a place of business and surely XM was not the only office located in this building. But this was my Holy Grail, at least for the time that I was in New York.

Again I relied on my phone. Over and over I tried to call in to the show. Maybe I could get through and I could let the screener know that I wanted to be let in. Have the security guard informed that I was to be allowed in. But every call I made was immediately dropped upon connection.

What was this? I called my bro again, he informed me that if the topic was hot and the phone lines were busy I might not get through. The show would have just started, 12pm, and this seemed reasonable.

Again and again I called and I called, the battery meeter approaching the zero hour at a quicker rate with each smash of the send key.

1-877-RON-0-FEZ SEND
1-877-RON-0-FEZ SEND
1-877-RON-0-FEZ SEND
1-877-RON-0-FEZ SEND
1-877-RON-0-FEZ SEND

Workers come and go, lunch breaks and cigarette breaks and fresh air breaks and I begin to feel creepy based on the looks I was getting. I'm sitting out front of this random building in the middle of NYC in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. Shouldn't I have something better to do? I have my phone to and away from my ear off and on. Who could I be calling? Backpack strapped around my shoulders. What's in the bag? I can't possibly look like I should be here.

Finally, I recognize someone leaving the building. I ray of hope, a glimmer of success. Danny, the producer from XM's Opie and Anthony Show. I grab his attention and ask him, hurriedly, if I can get upstairs to whach Mr. Bennington and Mr. Whatley at work.

"They're not live today, come back tomorrow"

Not live? Tomorrow?! It's not every day that I can come into NYC. It's not every day that Ron and Fez take a random vacation... Why do they have to be the same day?!

Ah well. The day was so beautiful and the thrill of the chase was in my veins. I made my way back to Time Square on foot.

XM Studios or Bust?