Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dear readers,

There are none of you yet, so "readers" will mostly refer to anyone who dares to venture backwardly through the dark recesses of this blog in some strange future reality where what I have to say is relevant.

In the past week I have been told that I think to much, that I over-think. Anything else would be counterintuitive. I've not reached a point in my life where I feel comfortable not thinking enough. The first comment on my hyperactive thought processes was made with the intention to encourage me to slow down and take things as they are The second comment was made in a complimentary tone, referencing my sense of humor. It is not all bad.

More on my sense of humor to come when I start to feel funny again.

More to the point, I hope to make this blog an outlet for my over-thinking head. I will also post some past blog entries from other sites, and anything I post on my blog will be simultaneously posted here so that I can increase my audience. As I write this an increased audience = + 0.

No more on my math skills to come. You've seen them all.

MTFBWY buddies,