Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Kings Arms

I arrived in Oxford, England yesterday at about 8:30 local time (GMT) and was the first person to receive my room key, room 10 of The Kings Arms. I clumsily dragged my luggage through campus, eventually lifting it up three stories a very narrow staircase only to discover that I was in the wrong staircase. I lugged my things back down, found the proper staircase, and again oafishly managed my way up to my room while carrying the 70 lb checked luggage.

I thought being able to tell people that the dormitory I was staying in is called "The King's Arms" would be pretty diesel name for dormitory, but really was only understanding about half of the coolness of the situation. After some orientation meetings and dinner, myself and a couple of new friends set out on further exploration of the city in a nearly too late attempt to find a liquor store which was open on a Sunday evening. On the return we passed the "King's Arms" pub, which I had already new existed beneath my dormitory. I didn't, however, realize that my window was directly over the entrance to the pub!

My room is on the 3rd floor. That open window in the center of the building is mine, along with the window to the left of it.

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