Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still At It

For those of you who actually know me, you may remember my buddy Lance. Lance and I are infamous for our lightsaber training excerices which we typically engaged in on cool summer evenings in Marshfield. Of course, with there being a short supply of training sabers and the season ripe with baseball fever, wiffleball bats made an excellent substitute. Just imagine, a jovial round faced boy, with a fro to rival a 70's semi-pro basketball star, swinging away a yellow stick at a similarly armed boy decked in a floral bathing suit, a novelty SW shirt and flip flops.

There was one occassion where Lance traveled with me to Bridgewater. In this instance we had enough friends with the amazing light up toy sabers to stage a full out 3 on 3 saber assault on Matt McGann's front lawn.

Below is a video the Lance recently made. As you can tell we are both still deeply disturbed individuals who have a hard time letting go of our childhood fantasies. Lance can be found at his new website,

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