Monday, May 19, 2008

Clone Wars Movie and TV Series: Some Thoughts

I am almost more excited for this than I am for the new Indy movie, Star Wars is never more fresh than when Lucas takes a step back and lets someone else have the reins.

That being said, DelRay didn't do the most amazing job with the novels. Jedi Trial and the Cestus Deception were so awful, I can't believe I even finished them (though I am more than glad to add them to my bookshelf collection of Star Wars novels).

If you want GREAT Ani and Ob1 stories you need to check out the Clone Wars era books that Dark Horse put out, especially the section where everyone thinks Obi is dead save Anikan. The relationship between master and apprentice is really drawn out and you can see the connection between the two grow strong because they've been apart.

All told I think the animation looks awesome. There's that bit with the walkers climbing the cliff face, I can't wait to see that played out on the big screen. The cartoons were pretty cool. This has potential to be even better.

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