Monday, May 19, 2008

Follow up to Battlestar

Love this show, it is amazing. Last Fridays episode was SOLID and I can't wait the two weeks before the next airing. Damn you, Memorial Day Weekend! (No disrespect to those being Memorialized).

I'm getting increasingly anxious to discover who the final cylon is. Starbuck just seems like such an obvious choice at this point that it hardly makes any sense. However, we can't simply ignore the fact that the Hybrid seen in Razor had knowledge of a Kara Thrace when there was no reasonable explanation for why it would know that name. (though maybe one of the 4 of the final 5 on Galactica was somehow communicating with the Hybrid? So confused!)

The real big question I have is why don't the original 8 cylon models know who the final 5 are? Calling them the final 5 gives me the impression that they were created after the models 1-8, but wouldn't the 1-8s have seen them? The only explanation I can come up with was that the 5 were in fact the original cylon models. And much like the Hybrid seen in the Razor mini-series, were forced into exile because of some innate flaws. Maybe they were too human? Did they volunteer to be integrated into humanity and forget their heritage? Can they resurrect?! In any event, if they were forced to leave the cylons before the models 1-8 were created then the 1-8 would never have had the opportunity to see them (save the 3 who was graced with her vision on the algae world).

Season 4 is really shaping up to what I expect from a series finale, especially one which is blessed with choosing its own end date. Imagine if this show was canceled in its second season, much luck that awful 70s incarnation? No conclusion, no end, questions?!

God I hope there are no questions.

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