Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost: Some Thoughts

After watching the latest episode it definatly appears as if they are setting up the 6 to all be together to get off the island.

Sun and Arron are already on the boat. Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley are all head to or already at the Orchid. If they can get on the helicopter together all 6 will meet up on Widmore's boat.

As for the explosives on the boat? I can't imagine that Jinn is killed, but maybe I just don't want to except it. When Sun was telling the press about Jinn we all know she was lying, but to what extent? We have to consider that everyone OTHER than the 6 has a gravestone or memorial somewhere off the island, even if they're not really dead. Jack and the other 6s told the world that everyone else is dead so grieving families certainly would want to memorialize their loved ones somehow... right? I think Jinn is alive.

As far as new charcters go, Faraday is my favorite. He's such a character and I want him to be a "good guy" so bad (whatever good is in this show).

Ben has surpassed Locke on my list of favorites. Between season 3 and 4 he has become so incredibly interesting and enthralling, and Michael Emerson is just so fantastic an actor. What the hell is Ben's deal, anyway?! Good, bad? Just plain evil?! What the heck!?

I could talk for hours about this dman television program.

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